ABYM #8: Always Improvise

Posted: January 13, 2012 in ABYM Rules
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This one is important.

Have you ever been in a remote city, and really needed a grocery store, a hardware store, or an electronics store, only to find the only thing around or open is a gas station? Well you can imagine that all of Nicaragua is kind of like a gas station. It has sort of want you want, everything is differently priced, the floor is sticky and you would be insane to use the bathroom.

So instead of huffing and puffing, you make the best of what is available.

Can’t find the right wire?

Tie two of them together.

Can’t find any concrete to place your GPS mount?

Drill some holes in your roof and wire it down.

Did your driver lock himself out of the car?

Talk to a guy nearby (literally the first) and see if he knows how to break into cars.

Don’t have a camera for your driver’s license picture?

Use a baby photo

Don’t have a door for your outhouse?

Use an American Flag.

Macgyver would have been a lot more believable had they filmed it in Nicaragua.

The real advice however is just don’t ever expect that you can buy something in Nicaragua. Just bring it down with you and save yourself a headache.

  1. Sam, I love your blog and really enjoyed reading it! Love Dad

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