ABYM #10: Always Bring A Rockhammer

Posted: January 21, 2012 in ABYM Rules
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So by now I’m sure all of you want to be geologists (c’mon…who wouldn’t right?) and the next thing you need to know is to always bring your rockhammer.

Rockhammers are great. They look like icepicks, are great for breaking stuff, and are really cheap. Like your machete, your rockhammer is a quintessential piece of your field equipment as it can perform tasks that would otherwise be impossible.

There is nothing worse than getting to the outcrop and having delicious, juicy looking rock and being completely unable to break it open and find out what the sweet nougat-ey center is.

For example, take this rock pictured. The smiley face represents your interest in knowing what is inside

You need to know what it is, but you have already tried everything.

Your trusty machete.

An old stick.

Other rocks.

All failed.

But wait, you remembered to bring your rockhammer!


Rockhammers are great for other stuff too. You can fend off bears, snakes or other wildlife. You can climb steep hills and reenact your favorite scene from Cliffhanger and/or Batman (happened to me once.) You will find that your rockhammer is effective against many everyday objects such as:



Your fingers.

Other rockhammers.

It is also very handy for killing scorpions that you find in your room. Alas, I didn’t think to take a picture of that one.

Now that you want to go and buy one, you need to remember a couple very important things:

If you try to fly with your rockhammer as a carry-on because you forgot it was in your backpack….TSA will confiscate it and give you a stern talking to.

Always wear safety glasses…

and remember if you are using it as a seat, make sure you don’t have it upside down.


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