Perfect Example of #3

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Perfect Examples
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I decided that in addition to making posts for each separate rule, I would make specific posts highlighting the importance of that rule. This particular event occurred on January 27th 2012 as I was starting my most recent vacation. As a fervent observer of Rule #3, I always make sure I go to the capital city the night before a flight to avoid any possible snafus that would cause me to miss a flight. The following are a set of drawings that will illustrate a perfect example of why I do this….

This first picture is to give you an outline. If you are unfamiliar at how a 2 lane highway works, one side drives within the confines of their half of the highway and the other side drives within the same confines in the opposite direction. The only times to cross into the oncoming lane are when it will be a brief and safe departure from your own lane to pass someone. I only say this because Nicaraguans really tend to ignore the whole highway paradigm.

Alright, so apparently there was some sort of protest in one of the cities causing a stoppage of both lanes. Now I can’t stress the importance of this next fact……the protest only blocked actual car traffic for 30 minutes. Ok just hang on to that because we will address it later.
Due to the lack of oncoming traffic, a certain group (read: almost all) of the Nicaraguan drivers started driving in the eastbound lane to better their position in the traffic jam. What are the chances that this was a unique westbound phenomenon?

As you expected, the inevitable disaster occurred, as two lanes of westbound faced off against two lanes of eastbound traffic. (Pictured below.) There was some saving grace however, on either side of the 2 lane highway there were rough but driveable dirt roads. Now, of course this was not realized as a solution because drivers from both directions continued to flood any available space in a desperate attempt to get any forward progress regardless of how much delay it would inevitably cause.

At this point, cars are absolutely everywhere. Intermixing into small crevices within the two main lanes. Going forward, reversing, trying to go sideways all around the highway. In a wondrous act of luck, the jam reached FUBAR status as we had gotten to the entrance of a small town. I hesitated on following the Siren Song of the young children funneling people into the town for a small fee ($2.40) as I had my computer, camera, kindle, and several hundred dollars in cash on my person. However after watching at least 25 cars enter the town I decided to pay the kids. After a rickety journey through a one way passage we emerged on the other end of the clustered mess feeling like Frodo and the gang. As illustrated I aptly named the entrance Salvation’s Gate and this time…..we did indeed pass.

Sidenote: Eastbound traffic was stuck for 12 hours…….

Remember that 30 minutes I was talking about earlier?



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