ABYM #14: Always Go To The Top

Posted: February 10, 2012 in ABYM Rules
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I think it is part of human nature to want to dominate obstacles. However this rule really boils down to the idea: “Well…we already came this far.”

My job takes place mostly outside, mostly on mountains and mostly way up high. (Above ^^^)

Some of the places take almost 2 hours to get to, and therefore you need to make good use of the time you have up there. Work efficiently, don’t screw around, and most importantly don’t leave loose ends. If you forget to do one important thing, you will have to make the 4 hour round trip again, squandering an entire day.

Expanding on this idea, if you find yourself 90% of the way to the top and feel tired, remember that for the future to get to the top will be 3800% more work to get there. If it is somewhere you will be visiting frequently, there is no worry. However if it is somewhere that you don’t see yourself returning to….think about the 3800%.
At this point you may be thinking: “Ugh, Sam…nobody cares. None of us climb mountains for a living and geology is boring.”
This may be true (partially, geology rocks b(^_-)d ) but this idea applies to all aspects of life.

For instance, you travel to a distant and foreign land (e.g. Milwaukee) and you are running around hanging with relatives and mingling with the locals all week. You planned to go see something awesome (shipwreck of the Appomattox), but you had too much Old Milwaukee with the locals and wake up really hungover. You are 90% of the way to seeing one of the biggest wooden steamships ever, and you can’t get yourself up. When is the next time you will be in Milwaukee? Rally and go see that boat sucka.

A more believable and less idiotic example is from recently when I was in Hawaii. We were staying in Oahu and had a day exploring the Big Island with a rented car. During the day, we literally drove around the entire island, and as such time was always on our minds. We drove to the farthest drivable point and parked our car near the ocean. To get to where some of the more recent lava flows crossed the highway was a bit down the road and we would have to walk to get there. Despite us worrying about the time it would take to go out there and back….we we’re 90% of the way there, and it was absolutely worth that last 10%. So whether it’s a mountain, lava flow, or sunken ship, just suck it up and go the distance.


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