ABYM #30: Always Wear Good Boots

Posted: March 4, 2012 in ABYM Rules
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My job requires me to hike a lot. After doing this for over a year, I have come to learn which things I can afford to be cheap with and which I can’t.

Of the things I have been buying and wearing, boots have stood out as one of those special items that you should buy in good quality, and buy often. The first pair I brought down here were steel toed boots that had been leftover from when I interned at a gold mine in Nevada.

On the minesite, they are legally required (in the US at least), but down here in Nica they are basically 10lb ankle weights that fall apart after 2 weeks in the field. Fortunately I was able to Mcgyver them back together with some barbed wire we found in the field while I waited for that rotation to end. After that short, failed experiment, I bought some $80 boots from the army surplus store. These sweet puppies got me through the next 11 months of grueling field work. After completely destroying the tread, having my foot punctured, and finding 3-4 holes in the front part of the boots, I decided it was time to retire them. (Note: my finger is pointing to the puncture spot.)

Unfortunately during my December/January break I somehow forgot to buy boots……

So when I returned to Nicaragua, I was forced to buy some ridiculously priced boots at a store in Managua. They barely lasted a month, and cost as much as the super boots I had used for the previous 11. Not to mention they were jet black, didn’t breath, and had a worthless tread.

So I bought a similar pair of the original boots online, but there was a slight snag. The plan was to buy them and ship them to my parents’ house in Florida so that my mom could bring them down during her visit. The snag came when I mailed them to the CO house where my brother is living instead of the FL house where my mom is living. Too many Toñas….too little sleep…who knows why I made the mistake, the point is that it cost me. After an $80 shipping bill later, they arrived and were successfully brought to me down here. After their first field day, I can say it was definitely worth the $180 it took for them to go from Amazon.com to my feet.

Lessons to be learned…..plan ahead….use Amazon.com sober…..and never buy cheap boots, your feet will be paying the difference.


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