ABYM #54: Always Remember That Brushfires Are Normal

Posted: May 8, 2012 in ABYM Rules
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People in Nicaragua like burning things. Burning your morning trash is as banal to them as drinking your morning coffee. As I go out to the field, I get to drive by all the houses in town and there are always little piles of garbage and leaves being burnt every morning. I’m not entirely sure what the trash service system here is like but I can be absolutely certain that there isn’t one.

Plastic, paper, styrofoam, leaves, dead animals, wood, cans, other assorted trash items….they all go in the fire.

But April/May is a special time in Nicaragua, where people go beyond their normal burning rituals and torch all of their fields and trees.

Now, before I go any further, I should disclose that I am not entirely unhappy when they decide to burn everything. Because the jungle that existed here centuries ago is gone; horrible weeds, cat’s claw bushes, spiky trees, and all kinds of other demonic plant spawn dominate the landscape. So when they burn all these terrible plants, it at least makes the hiking easier.

Espina (different type)

Furthermore, because the natural ecosystem doesn’t exist here anymore, the burning of all the plants every year does actually help prevent a complete takeover of the weeds and other plants.

Seriously, I think this is the kind of tree Bowser has around his castles

So the burning season gets underway, and everyday you get hazy skies and just fires…..everywhere. If you are from a state that has wildfire issues all the burning takes a while to get used to.

Just another day in the field


This goes on for several weeks before the first rainfalls of the wet season hit, and then the burning stops for the most part. But there is one place I have seen that burns stuff year round….

“Gah! I have all this trash. What can I possibly do with it?”
“Have you tried burning it?”
“Burning it! Genius!”

These two guys literally just spend the whole day lighting this giant landfill on fire. But don’t worry….they put bandanas over their mouth….cuz you know….like chemicals are bad dude.


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