ABYM #6: Always Roll With the Punches

Posted: August 20, 2012 in ABYM Rules
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You can’t set anything in stone in Nicaragua. For the most part, Central America as a whole is like this, but Nicaragua takes it to the extreme.

If you are a type A, everything-and-everyone-on-time kind of person, make sure to pack extra chill pills for down here. If your trip and mindset are not flexible, you will lose your mind and not enjoy anything.

Sometimes you get to a hotel after you called to make sure they have space only to find they have no rooms. It happens, just find another hotel. Sometimes you get to your room and some of the features advertised don’t work/aren’t there. Politely ask for another room and if they don’t work there simply let it go, because chances are none of the rooms work.

These are the “hot showers” that they have. This particular one was ghetto-rigged to the point that any water that came out of the shower head in an unbroken stream was completely electrified.
The solution? I took a shower squatting down.

You always need to keep in mind the difference in mentality between a U.S. hotel and a Central American hotel. Most of them are not run by driven entrepreneurs looking to maximize profits by being the best hotel around. Instead they are run by some family who has a very laid back lifestyle and runs the hotel as a means of subsistence and probably has no idea what their profit margin is, if they even make a profit. When you understand this, their inherent lack of capitalistic competitive edges like excellent services, working rooms and up to date contact info make a lot more sense.

If you find out that your igloo randomly doesn’t have electricity, don’t be afraid to ask for one that does.

Furthermore, when you understand this, you realize how futile and misguided it is to quibble over amenities. Most of the places where these are issues are generally situated around beautiful natural landmarks anyways, so you should really focus your energy on climbing the volcano or admiring the beauty of the lake next to you.


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